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Trading Conditions

Experience Trading Like Never Before with FXEM

At FXEM, we believe in providing the highest quality execution for our clients. We know that when you're trading, every second counts. That's why we prioritize facilitating your market entry at the most favourable market price with ease and speed. We're committed to delivering the best possible execution quality to our clients, day in and day out.

Trading Flexibility with FXEM

Are you looking for a trading platform that allows you to place market, limit, stop, and trailing stop orders with ease? Look no further than FXEM - where you have the flexibility to make trades anytime during trading hours. Our fractional pip pricing ensures tighter spreads and the most accurate quotes possible. You can open up to 100 Orders with a maximum of 30 Standard Lot per trade, including any pending orders.

Market Orders Made Easy

With FXEM, you can trade up to 30 lots (equivalent to 300,000 USD) per order with a few simple clicks and monitor your trades from your mobile device or desktop device.

Quality Service

At FXEM, we value your trading experience and prioritize serving you best, even during volatile or illiquid market conditions.

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