Trading Competitions

Trading Competitions

What is the Demo account start balance?
After registering, open your Demo account with $ 10,000 only.
What is the maximum leverage that can be traded?
You can determine the appropriate leverage size for your trading strategy – a maximum of 1: 400
How to determine the winner's status?
The first winner will be the participant who made the biggest profit on the demo account at the end of the competition, then the second and third consecutive winner.
What financial products can be traded during the competition?
You can trade on any currency pair or CFDs for US stocks, Metals, Oil and even Cryptocurrencies.
What is the number of transactions and contracts allowed?
You can open any number of trades and any volume trading contracts allowed to your account balance.
What is the deadline for registration?
You can participate in the competition at any time, even one day before the competition ends.
Can an individual participate with more than one account in the competition?
The contestant is not entitled to participate in more than one account in the competition or to attempt to manipulate using multiple accounts.
Can you exchange the winning bonus between the contenders?
The contestant is not entitled to exchange the prize for any other contestant.
Is it mandatory to participate in the competition with my real data?
To get the award, It is required to be registered with your real name and correct information, Demo account data will be verified against the identification documents of the winners.
Who will win if the earnings results matched for more than one trader?
In the event that two or more winners achieve the same percentage of profits, FXEM has the right to determine the winner using other criteria such as the number of transactions and the amount of losses or any other criteria.
How will the prizes be received?
The prizes will be deposited in winners real trading accounts within one week from the date of announcement of the results, provided that winners will be requested to open a real account through.
Privacy Policy
FXEM reserves the right to use any information related to trading accounts in advertising and publication on the Company’s website or social networks.
How do I withdraw the award amount?

The winner can withdraw money from his or her real trading account, after achieving the required volume of.

  • 200 Lots Standard only for the first winner
  • 150 Lot Standard only for the second winner
  • 100 Lot Standard only for the third winner.
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