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ADX: One of the Trend indicators in the technical analysis, and expresses the strength of the trend in the up and down, and the upper limit represents resistance level, while the bottom level represents the support level.

Aggregate Risk

Aggregate Risk: A kind of financial risks faced by the bank or financial institution or investors in the FOREX market, whether in futures or spot contracts through fluctuations in currency rates.

Andrews Pitchfork

Andrew’s Pitchfork: A technical analysis tool used to determine levels of tops and bottoms, it draws between three consecutive tops or bottoms.


Arbitrage: A trading system that depends on the spreads of the same currency, by trading the same currency in different places.

Ascending Triangle

Ascending Triangle: One of the technical analysis models used in predicting direction. It is a bullish continuation model, It has a formation of a horizontal line to two Tops at a horizontal level. And the second line to reach the two ascending bottoms, and we buy after breaking the level of horizontal tops.

Asian Central Banks

Asian Central Banks: Central banks or monetary authorities in Asian countries. These institutions are increasingly active in major currencies because it manages the growing groups of foreign exchange reserves arising from trade surpluses. Their market actions affect the currency’s short-term direction

Asian Currency Unit – ACU

Asian Currency Unit – ACU: A basket of Asian currencies, The Asian Development Bank is responsible for exploring the feasibility and construction of this basket

Asian session

Asian session:  Is one of the trading sessions in the FOREX market, which is The trading session of Tokyo, Japan’s capital, the Asian session begins at 12:00 am GMT to 9:00 am GMT

Ask Price

Ask Price is the price at which a trader accepts to buy a security.


Asset: An item/resource of value.